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Calling home from the States

On of the many worries that students have when going on a J1 Visa is how do they save money and make sure that they bring some money back to Ireland at the end of the Summer. There are many costs involved with living abroad, like accomodation, food, transport, and your phone bill. One of the more expensive things is calling home while you are away. Either you have to rent a phone line, and go through the hassle of getting organised (and cancelled when you leave) or you go for a prepaid mobile (cell) phone.

Recently we came across a product, that will solve this problem. It will save you money on calls, and roaming charges are significantly reduce.  The only stipulation is that you have to make sure that your phone can handle a 3rd party SIM card. One quick way to check if your phone is SIMunlocked, is to put in a friends SIM card into your phone. So if you are 02, try a Vodafone SIM card, or viceversa.

MaxRoam Rates, in the USA calling Ireland

Rates as of 15/02/2008

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Type of call Cost/minute
Incoming Call €0.38
Outgoing Call To Cellular In Ireland €0.60
Outgoing Call To Landline In Ireland €0.50
Call To a Local Landline In USA €0.46
Call To a Local Cellular Phone In USA €0.46
Sending an SMS From USA €0.21
Calling Your Voice Mail €0.47

Processing Time

  • Tax Returns take between 3 & 6 weeks

Tax Return Value

  • Average Tax Return : USD $ 800

Time to claim

  • You have up to four years to apply for your rebate

Processing Cost

  • US Federal tax claims costs $60
  • US State tax claims costs $30


  • If you have any further questions please use our Help Forum

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