Information about Claiming Taxback

Taxes to claim back on your J1 Visa

So you’ve just been working in the US for the Summer, and now you’ve returned home and are wondering just exactly “What taxes can be claimed back with a J1 ?“. The rules for this are not 100% straight forward but I will try to outline just how you can claim your J1 Taxes. In the US, there are 3 types of income tax, and on your wages slip you should can see up to 4 of the following deductions:

  1. FICA (Social Security Tax, figured at 6.2% of the first $97,500 of wages)
  2. Medicare (health insurance, can be separate depending on your provider, and is 1.45% of all wages)
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  4. State tax (taxes that go to the state you live in, some states don’t have this. Rates can vary)
  5. Local tax (taxes that go to the local authorities, like your city that you live in. Rates can vary.)
  6. Federal tax (taxes that go to the federal government, rates depend on your salary.

J1 visa holders are exempt from FICA (Social Security or Medicare) taxes for two years . This more than covers the length that a typical J1 student will stay in the USA. You need to make sure that you are registered as a non-resident. Once you are a non-resident you start to get an exemption on your deductions.On your wages slip you should see itemized deductions.

Start the process

claiming your j1 tax online

Once your return to your home country, it’s possible to file for a return of these taxes canadadrugs . Typical processing time can take up to 2 months, so it’s important that you start your claim as soon as you come back.

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Processing Time

  • Tax Returns take between 3 & 6 weeks

Tax Return Value

  • Average Tax Return : USD $ 800

Time to claim

  • You have up to four years to apply for your rebate

Processing Cost

  • US Federal tax claims costs $60
  • US State tax claims costs $30


  • If you have any further questions please use our Help Forum

claiming your j1 tax online

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